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Selling Methods

At The Property Agency, we offer the full range of selling options for sellers of Real Estate in the greater Auckland area. Options are as follows:

  • Public Auction – preferred method
  • Price by negotiation
  • Tender
  • Asking price

Why Auctions?

Selling your home is all about making the most of your asset and realising its full potential. Although the auction process may seem like a process with a level of anxiety attached to it, it is something that can be managed to be a fun and strategic process resulting in multiple bidders for your home. The correct management of this process is catalyst and with that in hand we believe no other form of sale can get the same results.

What is an auction and what are the benefits?

An auction is an open sale process at which buyers bid against each other to purchase a property. Once the reserve price is reached, the highest bidder becomes the successful buyer. We feel that an auction can benefit both vendor and purchaser as a transaction is concluded there and then on the day. The sale is unconditional so both parties understand exactly where they stand in regards to the transaction. The benefits on the vendor side do however outweigh the benefits for the purchaser and in essence this is what can derive the very best result. For more information in regards to this method of sale, please speak further with our sales team.

Price by negotiation

Selling your home using this method can bring about success as you are not specifying a set price and not setting a limit on your potential sale price. A buyer may see your home’s value at a level higher than what you may be expecting for example. We do feel that this method of sale may not bring about enough urgency with buyers as well as not giving enough clarity on what price you may be looking for.


Selling your home via our tender process will involve an intensive advertising campaign to maximise exposure along with creating urgency with buyers. We like tenders as this process much like an auction, does bring about urgency as there is a set date buyers are required to submit their best offers. Unlike an auction, tenders submitted may include conditions however it is up to you as the vendor to accept or negotiate if required.

Asking Price

Selling your home via this method of sale can sometimes be productive depending on the property and market conditions. In the event this strategy is used (in consultation with a qualified sales person) your property is marketing at a set price set by you and your sales team. Although an auction program is the preferred this strategy can work very well.