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Find properties with substantial return with zero effort

Every property that features on the deal sheet is hand-picked and analysed thoroughly by qualified property specialists. The sole aim of this publication is to bring to you quality investments throughout New Zealand and assist you by not spending hours trolling through listings and doing research. We are so good at what we do you will not want to tell your friends!

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Well researched

We have a team of experts doing your homework and research

Everything is factored into a deal not just price. We look at up and coming regions, rental increases year on year, population, employment opportunities, structure / district plans for growth amongst an array of requirements that need to be met for it to be a deal. You can rest assured that the properties on the deal sheet are well researched and make for good investments.

Pre-negotiated deals

Why go through auctions and listing agents and pay a fortune?

All our listings on the Deal Sheet are pre-negotiated deals meaning the hard work is done. We negotiate hard to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Vendors that don’t meet our valuations and offers get dropped and we move on. Our relationships in the market also assist us greatly to get properties prior to them ever reaching the market.

Great yield

We only show you the properties with substantial return on investment

Our team of experts analyse all the aspects of the property and conduct a thorough research process. You can rest assured that the properties on the deal sheet are great properties to invest in.